About Samantha


I “Donut” Have Two Eyes

Dorothy Parker once said, “Creativity is a wild mind and a disciplined eye”. Well, I wear glasses, so I guess that just means that my creativity is increased twice as much because of these Warby Parker glasses I wear. My ideas come from everywhere, inspired by people, places, conversations and songs. How do I begin the majority of my days, you ask? Coffee, of course and sometimes with a side of a donut! I know most Bostonians don’t enjoy riding the subway, but I am not one of them. I pop in my ear buds, put on some tunes and observe those around me. I let the music take me away.


“The Good Bug”

I have always been a creative soul ever since I was young. You remember that printer paper with the tear away edges in the 90’s, right? Well, I had a room filled with Crayola drawings all over my walls. In high school, I was the yearbook editor and also took every graphic design class there was and created all the calendars for the school. After high school, I attended college for a short while for Marketing and Advertising. That “bug” never left. Over the years, I was a photographer and marketing myself that way.


Platforms Aren’t Just Shoes…

I try new things. I am unique in my ways of thinking about doing things. Due to my caffeine (and occasional donut) intake, I am always researching new and innovative ways to help my clients reach success. I want them to attain their goals and generate so many leads that revenue will come streaming in like a latte into a fancy coffee shop mug! Using tools like Hubspot, SurveyMonkey and other platforms to help improve business is where I can help you.

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