Another Day, Another Donut

Another Day, Another Donut

Check This One Off My List:

I’ve finally gone to a donut shop in NYC! I can add Dough on W 19th St. to my list. It was a quick trip, but much to be said about the donuts I got there. After a hot day and a lot of walking around, someone told me to go to this gem and I’m so glad it was two blocks from me!

What Was It Like?

How cute is this place? The rustic with clean lines. It reminded me a little bit of a farm house, but yet we were smack dab in the city. Upon opening the door to go in the smell of donuts hits you right in the face and oh, man did my mouth start watering! There were about a dozen or more flavors to choose from, all of which were super unique and a little off the wall. The glass windows into the baking section in the back offered a glimpse into their world of creating such scrumptious circles from heaven.

Which Donuts Did I Choose?

Well, with all of these delicious flavors it was really hard to choose just two. I’ve made a rule for myself that I will choose 2-3 donuts when I go to a new shop as to not spend too much money and not order the entire menu. I decided on the Lemon donut and Toasted Coconut donut. These flavors they have are inspired by the Latin culture, which is super unique. I will certainly be back to try even more of those types of flavors. I also learned that these donuts are made in small batches, which seems to be a more common way to make donuts. I first learned about this way of making them at my favorite shop in Chicago: Do Rite Donuts.

So how were they? The Lemon donut had a profound lemon flavor both inside the donut and the glaze on the outside. It was tart instead of sweet and I found it a bit hard to finish. On the flip side, the coconut donut was everything I expected an more. It was FILLED with coconut on the outside and light, yet cakey on the inside. This one I certainly finished!

They also sell other things here like coffee (obviously) and salt water taffy, which I found interesting. Normally I see that more towards the ocean, but I was pretty excited to see it in the middle of Manhattan.


If you are in the Flatiron District, you have to stop in and give this place a try! Leave your comments here about which ones you tried and why you liked them. I can’t wait to hear from you!