I Think This Might Be Heaven

I Think This Might Be Heaven



Last week I was going to a meeting. I was hoping to get a coffee beforehand, but I had taken a wrong turn somewhere and somewhere lead me both down the wrong direction at first and NOT near a Starbucks. Tragic, I know. Well, I got to the meeting when I was supposed to, so that’s great. Nearing the end, I asked, “Is Culture Cafe any good?” Her answer was yes and she said the first thing I should order is a chocolate cookie. That is exactly what I did.

That Sign Does Not Lie:

I walked in. The walls on one side had patterned wallpaper and I wondered if I would ever have wallpaper where I live. Nope, ceilings are 17 feet high. We aren’t made of money. I then smelled the cookies. Oh, dear. Just look at them all! So many choices, but thank goodness I was given “strict” instructions to get a chocolate chip cookie and an iced coffee.



Coffee: Much needed. I got a small and added the homemade french vanilla shot in it. By Golly, was it great! Super sweet that I only needed a touch of sugar. Anything made in house is instantly amazing.

Cookie: It. Was. Everything. Everything I ever wanted, needed, hoped and wished for. This soft, chewy, bigger than the napkin, still warm cookie had more chocolate chips in it than I had ever seen! It was something I haven’t experienced a very long time. Moral of the story? You have to get one (or 2, you know-one for each hand) when you are in NYC. 




Next time you’re in New York City, make this a priority:

Culture Espresso

72 W 38th St, New York, NY 10018








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