The Great, Exciting Pieces of Marketing

The Great, Exciting Pieces of Marketing



In marketing, there are many different moving parts that play in the success of what you’re trying to accomplish. You should always have a marketing plan for either yourself or your client that is clear, concise and goal oriented. Things, however, may change along the way, but for the most part, you should try and stick to the plan.

A/B.. two letters that are important

In the beginning, you will want to test what works and what doesn’t. It could be things as simple as changing the location of a button on a website page or making the font bold at the webpage. If you try one way verses a way that doesn’t involve any of the things you tried, you see which one provides you the best results, this practice is called A/B testing. A/B testing is one of my favorite things to use in marketing. It’s a useful tool on how to target your audience more accurately and how to appropriately structure your content for your clients. You’ll get to know who your audience is, when to market to them and how.

“When You Care Enough To Send The Very Best”

Hallmark’s slogan is speaks volumes! Another important tool I’ve come to love is handwritten notes. I once worked for a company where I would hand write notes to temporary staff members when their assignments were finished. I did this to show our company’s appreciation for their commitment, hard work and dedication. I wanted them to know we were thinking about them and knew their work was recognized. I noticed after the first set was mailed out to their house, those individuals were calling us, eager to come back to work. Showing someone, whether it be a company you’ve interviewed with or a client of yours, that you’re thinking of them by simply writing them a handwritten thank you note goes a long way and certainly makes you be remembered.