Donut Worry….It’s #NationalDonutDay!

Donut Worry….It’s #NationalDonutDay!


Today is quite possibly one of my favorite days of the year. That is, of course, besides Thanksgiving, Christmas, and my birthday. As you know, I love donuts, what they symbolize and the pride taken to make them so they can be enjoyed by tasters everywhere! Today was no different experiencing a new shop in a new town.

Where Did I Celebrate?

I found Montclair Bread Company of Montclair, NJ on Yelp last night and could hardly sleep because I was so excited. I saw they had a Fruity Pebble donut and knew I had to get that one in addition to at least one (or two) more. Upon driving down the street to get to the shop, I immediately fell in love with the quaint little area it’s in. It took a few tries to find street parking and we happened upon their baking facility around the corner. When we found a parking spot (which was as sweet as the donuts I might add!), we walked in and we were welcomed by the friendly staff behind the counter. The decor was rustic and colorful. It reminded me of my style. Baguettes and other breads in addition to a dozen flavors of donuts lined the counter and I’m pretty sure this is what is in my dreams when I sleep.


So What Did I Try?

It was really difficult to limit my donut intake today. So which donuts did I chose? I chose the Pretzel Beer glazed, Fruity Pebbles, and the Hummingbird donuts. Tony tried the Vanilla Glazed, Strawberry Shortcake and Jelly donuts. I will also say that it was a little pricey for donuts here, but my goodness were they good! For our six donuts the cost was $20. They also sold merchandise there that was VERY tempted to get, too, but decided to come back another day to purchase. This shop seemed to be a home town shop that everyone goes to and will be around for a while. You know what? I’ll be going there as long as we live in this area, too!



Want To Visit, Too?

A fun fact about this bakery is that they won Donut Showdown. Here’s the link to the episode if you want to see what Rachel made: .


Here’s the link to their website! They offer classes and Family Fun Nights. You can’t go wrong with this bakery!