Red Eye – It’s a Cafe, Not a Flight

Red Eye – It’s a Cafe, Not a Flight

Let’s go!

Just before the July 4th holiday, my friend Marina and I visited the Red Eye Cafe in Montclair, NJ. As you remember, Montclair is the town where I blogged at Montclair Bread Company (and yes, we made a stop there afterwards, too!). We found this cafe both through word of mouth and also checked out Yelp to look at the menu. We wanted a place that was a little trendy with delicious food. We saw that had a lot of options and it was a go!

A Cozy Little Place

Red Eye has really great Yelp reviews…513 reviews and 4 stars to be exact! We found street parking and that was likely due to the holiday week and it was pretty empty. I assume on a weekend it would be rather busy because there are quite a few restaurants on this road. We arrived at the cafe for lunch and were seated right away. Our waitress was nice, but with seating outside in the back and inside, too, she was very busy and it took a little while for her to come over to us. We were not in a rush at all, so we didn’t mind. There is an abundance of art on the walls to look at and Marina and I were talking most of the time. The menu is pretty simple and because we looked at it the night before, I thought I knew what I wanted. That is until I saw the specials! Oh man, the Salmon BLT certainly changed my mind right away! I also got an order of potato salad. Marina got what I originally was going to get which was equally delicious: Turkey and Pear sandwich with Brie and a side salad.

While we waited for our order to come out we played a pretty “crazy” game of Trivial Pursuit. “Why so crazy” you ask? Well, we weren’t sure when these cards were created and we hardly knew the answers, but it was really fun to try and guess them because they were that old! Some time had passed and our order came out. I was so excited!

It Was Like Tasting Heaven

Let’s chat first about the potato salad. Never in my life have I ever had a Greek inspired potato salad. It had red bliss potatoes, cucumbers, green beans, red onions, feta cheese and hints of olive oil in the dish. It was a little tart, a little salty, but a definite must have! The Salmon BLT was everything I dreamed of and more! Perfectly seasoned fresh salmon, with ripe tomatoes, lettuce, bacon, avocado, and herb mayo….REALLY?! Is there anything better in life? Oh! And that bread. So soft. So crispy at the same time.

Can I please have another sandwich?!