We Smile Because It Happened

We Smile Because It Happened


Today is the day. A day where I can reflect on the times I had at Sweet in Worcester, MA with friends and family, complete with new experiences, martinis and cupcakes. On July 11, 2017, Chef Alina Eisenhauer announced on Facebook to all of her “Sweeties” as she calls us, that she wanted to spend more time with family and focus on her book and would be closing her doors on July 23, 2017. That day has come. I woke up this morning thinking about all the fun times I had there. Before this larger location opened, I frequented the first location she had. To be honest, I like this larger location much more. On a Friday or Saturday night, it was the place to be for all the girls to go after a night of dinner and drinks. We could laugh, chat, eat cupcakes, and have some wine before departing to go home. This restaurant will remain one of my favorite memories of my 20’s.


It’s Not Goodbye, It’s “See You Later”

In her announcement, Chef Alina explained that she would continue to update her fans on her newest achievements and next endeavors so we can all follow her. How exciting is that? I love it! Saying goodbye to one thing that had so many lasting memories for a lot of people, but she’s saying “see you later” and letting us know what she’s doing down the road.

On July 13th, I went in for my “See You Later” lunch (…and cupcake). Can I just say I love when restaurants have simple menus? I hate having to read through 4-6 pages of choices, broken up into sections! Do you want to know what that says to me? That says that my order will likely be messed up. Why? Because with that elaborate menu comes many people (Hence the phrase “too many cooks in the kitchen) and it will also take more time than necessary to get to the table. That was not¬†the case here.

So what did I have? I have had the homemade chips with bacon herb dip before so obviously I had to get that again. The chips are tossed with a number of spices, one of the being cinnamon (I think!) and they are most certainly made to order. The dip itself is something I can only describe as something that, well, is packed with bacon, herbs and is so creamy and a perfect pair to these chips. I also LOVE the presentation!

Now onto the main event! I had the four cheese grilled cheese. My goodness, was this sandwich one to discuss. it came with a farm fresh side salad that was dressed with a sweet dressing. The bread of the grilled cheese was house made and I believe that made all the difference. The bread was soft and had Parmesan encrusting the outside of the bread. The cheese was deliciously salty and the salad the somewhat sweet. Perfect balance. Perfect bliss.


Lastly, let’s talk about the most important thing: THE CUPCAKES! Sweet got it’s name from, well, just that-SWEETS! I love them, as you, my readers know. Just take a look at what I had to choose from when I was (drooling) at the cupcake counter.

I decided on the Maple Bacon cupcake. To me, it’s a classic and it’s unique. It was salty, sweet, and satisfying.

Thank You Just Isn’t Enough…

Thank you, Chef Alina, for creating memories and traditions for us all. For introducing us to dosants, to simple, yet fine dining in the heart of Worcester, MA. A place where most wouldn’t think you could get food or creations in the middle of Massachusetts. Thank you for creating a place where moments could be had, my 20’s wouldn’t be forgotten, and excitement could be felt in a place where people wanted to be. I can remember running an errand in Worcester and my future mother in law had never been to Worcester in her life. I said, “Are you hungry?” She said she was. You know where I brought her? I brought her here. She called it a “daughter date” and she loved every second. She has never been able to have fancy food like this before and she felt so catered to and so high class. It was a night I certainly will never forget and I know she won’t either.


You will be missed, Sweet. I look forward to your newest venture in the future.